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Internet/Online Marketing is the greatest growing medium that is being adopted by businesses worldwide as an effectual website promotion tool.

Internet Marketing FAQs

Welcome to the Five Rivers Internet Marketing Dedicated section for all frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can get answers about anything to do with Search Engine Optimisation through our FAQ Guide, and don’t hesitate to contact us for any query.

How much does it cost?

Through extensive research we have defined a simple 1 stop packaged solution for every business. Of course we understand there will be differences in elements of each solution, but our SEO team can guarantee optimum results.

I want to be number 1 in Google!

Don’t we all! As part of any solution we offer we always advise on the best strategy for you and your business. After defining your aims and objectives we will recommend a plan for you so any change in your budget will mean your Website will retain an online presence and not disappear. Our aim is to forge a long term strategy with your business – based on continual improvement of your online presence.

Why does my site need to be optimized?

This is always the first stop in analyzing the solution you require. While we are happy to work within your budget, invariably we do recommend site updates so you get maximum effectiveness in any subsequent plans.

Why should I use over the many other online marketing agencies?

We are the specialist marketing division of five rivers, who are an internationally based company specializing in all aspects of marketing and promotion. Five rivers has evolved considerably over the last few years offering, Internet Marketing Solutions, Targeted Internet Marketing, SEO Consulting and Top 10 Search Engine Ranking services on Google, Yahoo Bing (MSN) for Websites. Our specialty is REACTIVE SEO – where our team actively manage your account and budget based on user trends.

Why SEO is important for my site?

SEO is not just to rank in search engines but mainly to achieve a good click through rate from the targeted visitors. We provide proven search engine optimisation (SEO) results using only ethical techniques. Our search engine marketing ensures maximum visibility for your website within major search engines.

How can I get thousands of visitors to my website?

The easy and best way to get visitors is by getting good ranking in major search engines. You first need to get listed in such search engines. You can increase your chances of getting good ranking by optimizing your web pages. When you follow SEO techniques and strategies, as a result this would sure increase number of people who would come to visit your site. This also increases sales of products and services. You must spend your little time and figure it out best SEO package for your website which will give benefit to you in future.

What are the key methods to improve website performance?

There are hundreds of different ways to boost the performance of website. We emphasize the most effective methods to achieve high performance. Depending on the website requirements and specifications, our team analysis and consider all issues to get high performance.

Tell us something about your services strategies.

The strategies we use depend very much on the budget and in which industry the client is operating. We also analyze and determine how strong and active the competition is. We offer professional search engine optimisation services for your business.

Why should I opt for your SEO services?

With our SEO services you can get free clicks to your site from customers who are actively looking for your product or service. Our team well knows what works better. Our SEO services will give you better quality customers at a lower cost. We use ethical and proven SEO service methods only. Our techniques have never resulted in adverse ranking effects for our clients. The better our clients rank, the more traffic they will get, which in turn drives more sales to our clients.

How much time you will take to optimize my site?

It depends upon the competition of the keywords which you want to optimize. You can expect 3-5 months to get good results. In most cases it takes months of link building to realize the full effects of our SEO campaigns. You will undoubtedly see improvements after just the optimisation of site and other services. We are internet marketing professionals working with all sizes of UK business to increase profits from online marketing using a variety of methods.

Why link building is important to get high search engine rank?

Link building is very important factor in search engine optimisation. The no. of related and quality links pointing to your site, will consider stronger site by the major search engines. It results in getting more targeted traffic to your website. Quality link building dramatically enhance the effects of good search engine optimisation.

How you do search engines submission of a site?

Five Rivers prefer to submit your website manually to top search engines and is more effective than any software available. This ensures that your website gets indexed correctly.

Are you guaranteed to give optimum results after I opt for any SEO package?

As all others do, we don’t promise unrealistic goals. We provide latest search engine optimisation techniques that will boost your website traffic and reduce internet marketing cost. Once you choose our SEO packages, our dedicated team will do in-depth analysis of the current state of your site. They will carry out the research and analysis of your website on different parameters of SEO. Our different professional SEO services will improve traffic to the website.