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Internet/Online Marketing is the greatest growing medium that is being adopted by businesses worldwide as an effectual website promotion tool.

SEO Fact & Figures

Since 1998 we have built a reputation in internet marketing with our best SEO Services with amazing and measurable results for successful delivery of end to end solutions. Our knowledgeable team always helped our clients maximize their marketing investment through unique combination of business planning, innovative solutions and quality SEO services. For you and your business we explain SEO facts and figures:
  • Mostly sites are optimized as they are being built.
  • If your website isn't optimized for the search engines it won't be found.
  • Simply placing keywords in the keyword Meta tag will get the page listed under that keyword.
  • We research 85% of users only look at the first page of results.
  • Automated queries to a search engine can get your site penalized or banned.
  • Concealed links or text in a page can boost your page rank.
  • Your Google page rank goes when you have more reciprocal links to other sites.
  • For keeping your site ranking you don’t need to update your website.
  • Search engines ignored index pages using Flash because it will lower its ranking.
  • There are number of search engines but some of these will really help your business.
  • We research 73% of all online transactions begin with search engines.
  • Our dedicated team delivers excellent search engine results for our clients.

Nowadays hundreds of millions of people use the World Wide Web on a daily basis. There are lots of places you can get at the Net these days for their needs. In just a few short years, the internet has become most valuable vehicle for product and service marketing in world. We explain some countries in table that are given below:

Country Country Area Population Internet Users Capital City
United Kingdom 244,140 sq km 60,943,912 41,817,847 London
Ireland 70,273 sq km 4,156,119 2,060,000 Dublin
Denmark 43,093 sq km 5,484,723 3,762,500 Copenhagen
Canada 9,093,507 sq km 33,212,696 28,000,000 Ottawa
United State 9,826,630 sq km 303,824,646 220,141,969 Washington
New Zeland 268,021 sq km 4,173,460 3,360,000 Wellington
Australia 7,617,930 sq km 33,981,562 20,204,331 Canberra
India 3.1 Million sq km 1,147,995,898 60,000,000 Delhi