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Internet/Online is the greatest growing medium that is being adopted by businesses worldwide as an effectual website promotion tool.
Social Media

Our Social Media Optimization Package depicts the online
technologies that you use to share content, experiences, perspectives,
and media themselves and get more visitors on your website.
Starts at
Social Bookmarking
Deep Link Submission
Content writing for Blog

Social Media Optimization Packages

We provide best Social Media Optimization package that moving your website to the top and increase higher volume of traffic. Our Professional Social Media Optimization Package is designed to get you the best results on top Social Media sites like You Tube, FaceBook, MySpace and more. We will submit your bookmarks on best social sites like Digg, stumpleupon and and posting blogs, videos etc. Our Social Media Optimization package will get you quality inbounds links and boost huge traffic on your website.

"Now we provide special offer integrations into ongoing submissions plan with 3 month review and if you pick this offer, you’ll automatically receive 10% of any future offers."

Social Media Optimization Packages
Task DetailsTasks Included Bronze Silver Gold
Total Cost £20.99 p/m £33.99 p/m £41.99 p/m
Time Duration 12 months 12 months 12 months
Task Name
Social Bookmarking 5 p/m 7 p/m 10 p/m
Deep Link Submission 5 p/m 7 p/m 10 p/m
Twitter account setup and link submissions Yes Yes Yes
Facebook page creation and content posting Yes Yes Yes
Content writing for Blog * 2 posts 4 posts 6 posts
Blog Setup on Blogger, Livejournal or Squidoo Lens Creation Yes Yes Yes
Submission of blog posts to other Blog hosting sites Yes Yes Yes
Blog Promotion (Blogger Blog) * 30 50 100
Press Release Writing * 1 2 2
Press Release Distribution * 7 10 15
Video File Submission (Provided by Client) ** No 5 15
Total CostTotal Cost £20.99 p/m £33.99 p/m £41.99 p/m

** Our expert will ensure the correct inclusion of tags with suitable title and description for your videos and if you have no video file then we will do 20 social bookmarks more to replace that time.

* All the work is divided within the Time Duration mentioned, it is not equally done every month.


Set up an account on popular social networking sites:

Our expert team will set up your account on popular social networking websites for submission of bookmarks, blogs, videos etc that users can access your info with quick buttons.

Blog your site content  across the Web!

Professional writers will write quality content with rich keywords for your website and we will post comments on the top Blogs related to your business because it can make your site fresh and active.

Obtain permanent deeplinks to your website:

In Social Media Optimization (SEO) package we submit articles,bookmarks and blogs with your site URLs because inbound links are top to rising in search results and overall rankings.

Submissions in most suitable category:

We submit your website to the most appropriate category on the most suitable page with a High Google Page Rank, thereby improving your websites ranking.

Boost your business in the marketplace:

Our Social Media Optimization (SEO)or promotion on social websites makes sure that your brand obtains the maximal social networking and media search results or SERP and it will build your business to the perfection.

Article marketing, Press Releases Distribution:

We offer a quality Article Marketing services and press release distribution services that help to get your message across to customers and boost the popularity of your website day by day.

No Hidden Cost Involved:

Apart from the package cost indicated in the price list and you will not be charged any other costs in relation to our packages.


You will receive complete work reports with links to all of the posts that we have made on behalf of for your satisfaction over the growth of your business