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Internet/Online Marketing is the greatest growing medium that is being adopted by businesses worldwide as an effectual website promotion tool.

“Credit Crunch Specials” SEO Package

Five Rivers Internet Marketing has launched a unique offer “Credit Crunch Specials Package” at a price that you can afford only £99 p/m, for small and medium Internet Entrepreneurs and website owners. There are a lot of benefits by using Credit Crunch Specials Package. You get guaranteed 1st page listing on Google with five specific keywords and ongoing page optimisation with in a little amount. With this great offer we have assisted you in increasing your sales and getting your website found on Google. Our Special Package offers both focus and variety, managed by our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists. Our goal provides quality and affordable Internet Marketing services and we always keep in mind your target audience and website usability before we suggested any structural changes.

Guaranteed 1st page/top listing on Google (PPC):

Our Special Package features a unique process to optimizing your website for a top listing in regular search results on Google.

Only £99! p/m

Our Credit Crunch Specials Package of best SEO services is unique chance to get huge traffic on your website and you can get our special offer of only £99p/m.

Choose 5 site specific keywords:

After website analysis we choose 5 business related keywords and use these keywords to optimize all of your important Meta tags, title tags, description that will drive the most traffic to your website.

Analytics implementation:

In our Credit Crunch Specials Package we provide web analytics implementation solution that will give you the insight to transform how business decisions are made and help you track your sites performance.

Ongoing Optimisation (for a fee) at a reduced cost:

Our goal of Ongoing Optimisation services in Credit Crunch Specials Package is maintaining your position at the top of search engines at a reduce cost.

No Risk:

You can set the price for each keyword and pay only when a customer clicks through to your site that means no risk and no regrets.

Higher trust in natural listings:

Our experienced team fully trusts in natural or organic listing because they know it provides 'best' return on investment as well as 'top Internet' status.

Listings are permanent:

To give your website an extra traffic, the Credit Crunch Specials Package provides permanent listing of your website on directories and major search engines.

Get more free Visitors:

We provide a proven method to improving your organic search engine ranking and get more business related visitors on your website.

Fast Results:

With our effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services you can get best fast results on Google.